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Founding partners

Manuel Guasch

Funding partner.
President of the Firm and of its Advisory Board.
  • Manuel Guasch is a graduate in Law (University of Valladolid) and in Economics (Universidad Comercial de Deusto)
  • Commercial engineer and Economist of the State
Career: He has developed his career both in the public sphere, in which he has been General Director of the Council of Chambers, Chief of the technical Cabinet of the Ministry of Commerce and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce, among other positions. Whereas in the private sphere, we can highlight his positions of President of Renault Spain, President of Azucarera Ebro Agrícolas, as well as member of some Boards of Directors of quoted companies.

He has also held several positions in relation to educational activities in Spain (President of the Council Social of the University of Valladolid) and abroad (Adviser of the University Marne La Vallée, Paris), member of IRDAC (Brussels E.U.)

José Manuel Pazos

Funding Partner and Managing Director
  • Economist
  • Master in business administration (MBA) from IE Business School
  • Master in Risk Management Options by O´Connell & Piper of Chicago
Career: He worked as operator of market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange through institutions such as Midland Bank and First Option Bank of Chicago.

He was a founding member and Technical Director in ADISA until 1995, where he led a team of more than 30 economists advising national and multinational companies from different sectors (such as General Motors, Union Fenosa, Sony, Henkel, Hoestch Iberica, Petronor and up to 300 companies) on risks management of currency and interest rates.

In 1995 he founded OMEGA IGF focusing its activity to the implementation of procedures for management of financial risks. He is a visiting professor at the UIMP, URJC and the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as Professor of financial derivatives. He has been an economic columnist for the newspaper ABC and has issued a large number of articles pertaining to the management of risks and the macroeconomic environment. He has been invited as a speaker at international conferences. Senior Advisor of Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild, is counsellor and member of the risk committees of several fellowships and has organized the economic arena of Spain 2020 project, he was invited to the presentation of the project at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Rubén Bernat

  • Economist
  • MBA por el IESE
Career: He began his professional career at Ernst & Young where he stayed for four years, when he moved on to management positions, occupying the functions of Corporate Finance Director at the world leader of enamels Torrecid, with production plants in six countries around the world. He later moved on to the Tavex group, world leader in the production of denim, with 6,000 employees and nine plants in four countries, a company quoted on the Spanish stock exchange, and in which he also held the position of corporate General Director.

During these experiences, he had the opportunity to implement restructuring programs operating worldwide, financial and operational control systems, procurement, operational integration of companies, quoted financial markets, and other international financial solutions, such as the organization of international securitisation funds and emission of bonds, project finance, structured finance, and a long etcetera.
Our Team

Juan Luis Blat

  • Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Valencia
  • Postgraduate studies in Treasury management
Career: He began his professional career in the Department of management control of the matrix of the Ros Casares Industrial Group. He has been head of the Treasury and financial risk of the airline Spanair, when it belonged to the Scandinavian SAS group, managing liquidity, cash planning, as well as the policies of coverage in foreign exchange, interest rates, and commodities. Since 2005 he has been Director of Treasury and financial operations management systems consulting. Building up its activity both for private and public sector companies. Some of the led projects include the conception and implementation of management arrangements for the Iberian press publishing group, the Balearic Government, market options and Futures (MEFF) and the bag of Barcelona and Valencia.

Jesús Cabañas Díez

  • Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Takes in a PDD by INSEAD in Paris
  • PADE by IESE (Madrid)
  • Specialized in strategic management of purchases by the European Institute of Purchasing Management of Geneva
Career: He started his career in AGFA Spain as National Chief of Industrial logistics. Afterwards he held various positions within VALEO for 12 years, both nationwide and globally, based in Paris, reaching the position of global Director of quality and procurement, where he also developed productive experience in India, China, Taiwan, Egypt, Morocco and Poland. Later he joined the LM Wind Power, a company that plans and manufactures blades for wind turbines, as Director of purchasing and logistics for the South of Europe (4 factories) and then as responsible global purchases of advanced CapEx (robots) for the automated manufacture of wind blades.

Since 2013 he is partner of the SPG (Smart Purchasing Group), this group advises in Strategic purchases. They collaborate with institutions and consulting firms in order to increase logistic efficiency in industrial environments.

Mercedes Camacho

  • Economist specialized in quantitative economics and economic analysis
  • Received doctoral courses in Economic Theory and Quantitative Economics
  • Member of the Spanish Institute of financial analysts
  • Associate professor of introduction to economics at the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as in various master programs for financial institutions
Career: She began her career in the Department of Economics of the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Farmaindustria). Subsequently, she headed the departments of analysis and management of investment funds in Group All Trading A.V. She has also been the Director of the Department of analysis of the Group SAFE S.V. –INVERSIS Bank with a bearing in the Investment Committee of the entity. As an economic analyst, collaborates regularly in specialized media.

Since 2006 she has been the Director of the quality Department of the Firm.

Pablo Gómez-Acebo

  • Lawyer (Madrid-Spain) Admitted practice in Madrid
  • Attorney at Law (admitted by the T.S. in New York)
  • Masters in legal consulting for businesses by the IE Business School in Madrid
  • Masters by the International Legal Studies (LL.M) from Georgetown University in Washington DC
Career: He started his professional vocation in the United States where he dropped five years working first as a foreign associate at the law firm White & Case LLP, and then as Legal Counsel at the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank. In Spain he has operated in the International Department of Ernst & Young Attorney's at law. Since 2002 he has been the Director of advice on coverage of no commercial or political risks in the Firm. He has worked on covering political risks of major infrastructure projects (highways, desalination plants, networks of power transmission, and hence forth) in Africa, Latin America and Asia and is also developing areas of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, Project, Export and Corporate Finance.

Fernando Jáuregui

  • Studied law and Journalism in Madrid
Career: He was the President of “Diario Critico” Group. He is the current director of 'Entrepreneurs 2020' program. He has dedicated 43 years to informative tasks. Having worked for newspapers such as: “Europa Press”, “Informaciones”, “Diario 16”, “El País”, “EL Periodico”,”El Independiente”, “El Correo”, “Ya”, etc. He currently works with the newspaper chain Off the Record. He was an Efe correspondent at the United Nations (Geneva) and Pyresa and other media in Lisbon during the 'Carnation Revolution'. Former deputy director of news and program director of the program “Mesa de Redaccion” in T5. Currently he works in TVE in the 24-hour channel. He also collaborates on the Radio (COPE). He has published twenty-five books, both alone and in collaboration. The latest of which, entitled: ‘Historia vivida de España. De Franco a Podemos’. The International Press Club honored him in 2015 with the award for the best journalistic career of the year.

Currently he travels to universities throughout Spain giving lectures about communication within the 'Educa 2020' program, which he presides. He has already made more than a hundred events across Spain, with presidents of autonomous regions, mayors and more than nine thousand entrepreneurs and students. He has received several awards for this initiative, which have emerged as three books: ‘La España que necesitamos’, ‘¿Puedo montar mi propia empresa? Ellos lo consiguieron’ y ‘1.001 consejos para emprender’.

José Manuel Marín

  • Lawyer
  • Specialized in banking and finance by the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB)
  • Masters in legal advice on enterprise by the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid
  • Master in Finance by ESIC
Career: He began his career at the Firm SAFEI S.V.B S.L, where he became head of a team of financial advisors. He has been Director of branch of several financial institutions, as well as Chief Financial Officer for several companies. Furthermore he is as a lawyer, specialized in banking, commercial and corporate law. Throughout his career he has intervened in multiple court proceedings related to advanced financial products. Relative to acquisitions.

Miguel Medell-Ramos

  • Economist
  • Member of the Securities Industry
  • Diploma SAR at the City University Business School of London
  • He has also studied a specialization of Hedge of commodities in the CIS in Chicago, USA
Career: He started his career at S.G.Warburg in London. For seven years he specialized as an investment analyst and player in the Futures and Options markets. He subsequently joined “Unidade Corretora de Mercadorias Ltda.” In São Paulo, Brazil, as a Trader in commodities and currency hedges. He also collaborated with the “Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futures” (BM & F) for the promotion of future agricultural markets. He was the Director of the railroad Arica - La Paz, in Chile. As well as Advisor for investments of Repsol YPF. He manages and directs coverage policy in foreign exchange and agricultural raw materials of Brazilian industrial groups. In 2002 he joined the Firm as managing partner for Latin America, based in Chile.

Román Merino Frías

  • Labor lawyer
  • DMBA from IESE Business School
  • Diploma in Management from IESE Business School
  • Diploma in Legal Practice from ICADE
  • Human Resources Master in ESIC
  • Professor at the Master of access to the legal profession form the Bar Association of Madrid
Career: He developed most of his career playing the position of Director of Human Resources and Corporate Services in various companies; EULEN group (75,000 employees), RED ELECTRICA DE ESPAÑA (1500), ONO (5,000 employees) or ZETA GROUP ( 4500). He is an expert in processes of cultural and organizational change, management and transformation of human resources, staff restructuring, labor negotiations. As well as the evaluation, selection of management teams. He also has an extensive experience in the definition and implementation of strategies and HR policies, as well as management and development of people. For six years he has advised on management and human resources and participated in change processes in companies in special situations (Feasibility plans and rationalization, restructuring and reduction of costs, Takeovers, Start-ups, Mergers and Acquisitions, segregations groups or industries).

Emilio Moré

  • Graduated in Economics and Business form the University of the Basque Country
Career: He began his professional career as an auditor at KPMG, moving on to occupying management posts in different societies from different industrial sectors for over 20 years. During this period of time, he occupied positions related to the financial world and management. He has extensive experience in the implementation and development of management information systems at companies like Prado SA, Cementos Lemona SA and Sarriena Group S.A.

He has served in other management areas such as; purchasing management and operations, and has assumed responsibilities in areas of internationalization, development, training and organization of management teams.

Before joining the firm, he was the Managing Director of Bostlan SA for a period of five years. Antes de incorporarse a la Firma, fue Director Gerente de la compañia Bostlan S.A. durante cinco años.

Alberto Pazos

  • Economist
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) form the IE Business School
  • Master in Portfolio Management (PSGC) from the IE Business School
Career: He began his professional career in the area of financial consulting in Asesoramiento en Divisas SA (ADISA). In 1995 he joined OMEGA IGF as a consultant in corporate financial risks. In addition to his work as a consultant, he is responsible for developing and implementing quantitative models to control financial risks in the enterprise level. He has completed other advanced courses in MEFF Statistics, Accounting for Derivative in ECSC Centralized Treasury Management in the Business School of Credit and Counterparty Risk Value adjustment (CVA) in AFI. He is regularly consulted by the media as an economic analyst and as a member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts.

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